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Vacuum conveyor

Our vacuum conveyors are designed to high quality standards for pneumatically conveying powders, pellets and granular materials for the bulk material handling industries.

vacuum conveyor  vacuum loader with weighing
Vacuum systems allow easy pick-up of materials from open containers using wands, and do not impart heat to the material. Negative pressure is created by a venturi style vacuum source or a positive displacement vacuum pump.

principle of vacuum conveyor

Principle of operation

  1. The vacuum pump generates vacuum through the separate container in the vacuum conveying equipment. The materials are sucked from the feeding point through the suction hose and suction inlet.
  2. The air and materials are separated in the filtering bin of the separating tank, and the materials are collected in the container. The cyclone stops the fine powder from going into the filter, so that the filter efficiency can be improved.
  3. When the container is full of materials, the vacuum pump will automatically switch off and the pressure inside the vacuum conveyor will be balanced. The discharging valve is opened, and the separated materials will be discharged from the discharging port, and directly drop into the storage container.
  4. During the discharging process, the filter is automatically cleaned by the blowback airbag. The special vibrator or fluidized device is also available to improve the working process for sticky and highly bridging bulk materials.


  • Unprecedented low energy consumption
  • User friendly systems with safe material transfer
  • Considerable increase of productivity
  • Completely closed for a safe and dust free operation
  • Suitable for ATEX classified areas
  • Up to 3500 kg/hour throughput capacity

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