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Standard vacuum conveyor specification

The TC family of vacuum conveyors have been designed to transport powders, granules and most bulk solids.

The modular design provides the opportunity to adapt the components to many different process applications, including: sack & bulk bag unloading and transport to feeders, mixers, mills and packaging lines. Our TC series features light weight, multi-combinations, optimized configuration and reasonable pricing to meet your industrial needs.

vacuum conveyor_TC series


  • Flexible modular concept design
  • Easy to take apart by hand and clean
  • Suitable for GMP applications
  • Superior filter technology
  • Individual adaptations, specifically tailored to the conveying task
  • Highly effective vacuum pumps
  • No generation of heat
  • Quiet and extremely reliable operation
  • Light weight and compact design

1. Clamp element
2. Flange element

ModelVacuum pumpBlowback air capacityFilterButterfly valve
TC180G5400.75LFEHD membraneDN 150
TC250G7202LFEHD membraneDN 150
TC320G18002LFEHD membraneDN 200
TC430G27005LFEHD membraneDN 250
TC560G2700×210LFEHD membraneDN 300

TC 180 vacuum conveyor
vacuum conveyor TC180
Conveying capacity: 40-500L/h
Weight: 18kg
Filling volume: 6L
Compressed air @ 5.5bar consumption: 516L/min

TC 250 vacuum conveyor
vacuum conveyor TC250
Conveying capacity: 100-800L/h
Weight: 25kg
Filling volume: 12L
Compressed air @ 5.5bar consumption: 680L/min

TC 320 vacuum conveyor
Vacuum conveyor TC320
Conveying capacity: 500-2000L/h
Weight: 37kg
Filling volume: 22L
Compressed air @ 5.5bar consumption: 1720L/min

TC 430 vacuum conveyor
vacuum conveyor TC430
Conveying capacity: 1000-3000L/h
Weight: 55kg
Filling volume: 50L
Compressed air @ 5.5bar consumption: 2580L/min

TC 560 vacuum conveyor
vacuum conveyor TC560
Conveying capacity: 1500-6000L/h
Weight: 70kg
Filling volume: 125L
Compressed air @ 5.5bar consumption: 5160L/min

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