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Pressure conveying- dilute phase

Dilute phase conveying systems are using a pressure blower and a rotary valve or an air lock under a product intake such as a dumping station or a raw material storage bin. This conveying method is, even more than in vacuum conveying, suitable for resistant and non-abrasive products. Pressure dilute phase conveying is especially suitable for raw materials of bigger particle size; it might still be suitable for fine abrasive powders due to complete air suspension.

Pressure conveying

Lean phase pressure conveying is particularly suitable for conveying low to moderate capacity materials over medium distances, from single or multiple points to multiple destinations. Versatile and adaptable, the low operating pressures allow less expensive pipelines and fittings to be used and, as such, these systems are often the most cost-effective solution for typical conveying applications.


  • Low investment costs
  • Self contained system
  • Dimple design
  • Easily extended
  • Continuous product conveying
  • Air mover: positive displacement (Roots Type) blower or fan

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