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Open-mouth bag filler

The RF-CZ10 open-mouth bag filler is a unique solution designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials using laminated polywoven, polyethylene and paper bags. The system includes auto-dosing, bag clamping, filling, vibrating, bag placing and conveying, auto-sewing, hot sealing etc.

Automatic bagging machine


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Modular design for easy operation
  • Complete and efficient dust collection to keep the machine and workshop clean.
  • Suitable for dosing and filling from super-fine powder to big granular materials via changing feeding way
  • Toledo controller and Siemens touch screen
  • Auto-calibration, over-shoot inhibition, out-of-tolerance alarm


  • Bag dimensions: Width from 250 to 700 mm; Length from 400 to 1100 mm:
  • Production Rate: 5-10bags/min (depending on the characteristics of the product to be bagged)
  • Weighing range: 5-50kg
  • Filling accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Electric supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
  • Installed power: 5.5Kw
  • Footprint: L8300mm×W250mm×H2180mm

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