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Impact hammer mill

Our industrial hammer mills are used for small-scale and large-scale production in food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing applications. Typical applications of our technology include:

  • Coarse grinding and chopping of dry material
  • Size reduction of wet material
  • De-lumping of agglomerated wet and dry materials
  • Pulverizing
  • Solid/liquid blending
  • Granulating compacted materials
  • Processing slurries and liquids
  • Processing and conditioning wet and dry materials

hammer mill


  • Very broad scope of application ranging from all types of dry to wet powders
  • Diverse use possibilities ranging from stand-alone and in-line to integration in complete plants
  • Materials would not adhere to machine shell, easy-cleaning
  • Flexible module design
  • Self-protection for overheating and overload
  • Speed reaches 2000-6000RPM
  • Fast dismantle and renewal of rotor and screen, reliable safety

hammer mill

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