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Centrifugal sifter

The Centrifugal Sifter is designed to separate particles of different sizes into two product streams, or alternatively to remove tramp material. The compact, hygienic design and high throughput make centrifugal sifters the most appropriate equipment for high efficiency and high capacity product screening.

Centrifugal sifter

Material is fed into the feed inlet and redirected into the cylindrical sifting chamber by means of a feed screw. Rotating, helical paddles within the chamber continuously propel the material against the screen, while the resultant, centrifugal force on the particles accelerates them through the apertures. These rotating paddles, which never make contact with the screen, also serve to breakup soft agglomerates. Over-sized particles and trash are ejected via the oversize discharge spout.

Centrifugal screening principle


  • Dust-free and sanitary operation
  • Quiet, vibration-free action
  • Low noise levels
  • Range of sieve materials
  • Double seal outboard bearings
  • Rapid sieving action
  • Heavy duty construction for continuous operation
  • Compact design
  • Low power requirements
  • Many sizes and single or twin shaft models


Centrifugal screening application

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