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Bulk bag unloader

Bulk bags, also referred to as FIBCs, big bags are now widely used in bulk material transportation. Our bulk bag dischargers/ bulk bag unloaders are designed to provide a dependable, low cost means for emptying a wide variety of powders and other poor flowing materials. We offer different modular components to meet the needs of your specific application.

Bulk bag dischager Bulk bag unloader


The bulk bag is lifted to set in place and unpacked manually. The bulk bag will be tapped and massaged to facilitate the materials smoothly flowing into the buffer tank. After then, the materials could be discharged into the reactor, feeder, extruder etc. gently or transferred to the next process through pneumatic conveyor.

Bulk bag unloading_clamping device

Bulk bag unloading_dust free


  • Modular design
  • Carbon steel painted or all stainless steel frames
  • Dust-free connection and emptying of bulk bags
  • Adaptable to various big bag types
  • Safe handling of toxic and explosive powders
  • Flap bag, break lump and magnetic separation option
  • Pneumatic/ electric control option
  • Dust filter option

A combined material dump station (bulk bag and sack)

combined bag dump station

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