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Bulk bag filler

Our bulk bag fillers range from basic stand-alone units to sophisticated systems to meet the capacity requirements of each customer’s application. Our bulk bag filling equipment is designed for bag capacities of up to 2000kg by means of PLC control.

bulk bag filling station


An operator will attach empty Bulk Bag straps onto the support hooks. The operator then connects the bulk bag spout to the Bulk Bag Filling station filling spout. The filling sequence is then initiated and the bag is filled through either a gate valve or a rotary dosing valve etc., depending upon the properties of the bulk material and required accuracy. A weigh controller monitors the bag weight and stops the filling at the required weight. The bag is then released, tied off and taken away. In a simple system the filled Bulk Bag is most commonly removed using a forklift.

Big bag filling station with overhead scale
Gravimetric filling of the big bag with bulk materials to a certain target weight using a hanging scale. The scale is integrated into the hanging equipment of the big bag. This system is also available without ground contact when required. Further, a calibration of the filling is possible.

bulk bag filling station with overhead scale

Big bag filling details
When filling the big bag with bulk material the air inside the empty big bag has to be removed. To avoid contaminating the work environment with dust the docking unit matters and the dust has to be sucked away by a suction outlet. For an easy handling of the big bag, the big bag inlet can be simply pulled over the filling spout and clamped into place with a sack buckle. Another option is to equip the filling spout with an inflatable collar.

bulk bag filling details


  • Adaptable Big bag sizes
  • A wide variety of filling devices can be accommodated
  • User friendly, ergonomic design
  • Quick release Bag Hooks or Safety Latch
  • Automatic Bag Release and Lowering
  • Compacting function yields a better filling efficiency
  • Calibrate able, easy to use weighing controller
  • Sturdy construction
  • Accuracy of ± 1.0kg or better can be achieved

Custom design bulk bag filling line

bulk bag filling machine

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