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Automatic bag splitter

Our fully automatic bag splitter (also called automatic bag opener) is ideal for low to high throughput operations where 2- 16 sacks per minute need to be opened and discharged.

The automatic bag splitter operates by feeding the sacks through the large rotating cutting blades mounted on a single shaft that effectively cut the sack into complete hoops in a primary cutting and emptying operation. Sacks with multiple layers or those made of elastic plastic material are pulled in by the slowly turning screw and ripped open through a scissor effect between screw and trough. The sack is discarded into a disposal bag to minimize operator handling and dusting. A dust extraction spigot or an integral dust extraction unit is available to ensure maximum dust-tight operation.

We  provide carbon steel or stainless steel-304 food grade contact parts depending on the application or request of the customer.

Automatic Bag Splitter



  • Ergonomic design
  • Automatic sack compactor
  • Reduced emissions of dust
  • Compact foot-print
  • Increased productivity
  • Suitable for many types of bags: paper, polyethylene, woven plastic rtc.
  • Self-cleaning, dust-extraction system
  • Easy and quick access to internal parts for cleaning

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